Green tea is synonymous of good health and it is also known as the anti aging drink due to its high quantity of antioxidants and polyphenols, which are the ones that help green tea be an aid for our body and mental health.

This famous drink help us fight against those so scary free radicals, keeping our inmune system healthy and strong.

Nowadays we are more exposed than ever to these free radicals that speed up aging and higher the risk of developing serious and dangerous diseases.

Green tea and its antioxidant properties will help fight and stop these effects.

If it’s green tea, it has to be Sencha, a variety of green tea that is by far the most popular in Japan – and for good reason.

This tea is made using the traditional method of steaming because it locks in all the goodness and flavour. Each tea leaf also enclosing a delicate and flavoursome liquor.

Processed in the style of a Japanese Sencha tea, this selection is an excellent value everyday green tea. The golden-coloured cup is aromatic; crisp and grassy, with floral hints and a sweet, buttery feel in the mouth.

Made using the traditional method of steaming, more of the flavour and goodness is locked within each leaf. A larger-leafed variety of tea processed with care to produce a delicate yet flavour-filled refreshment. A high-quality tea, best taken between meals.

Please note this tea will decrease its antioxidant properties if drunk with milk, so our advice is to drink it on its own and better after digestion.