JayandCo was founded out of love for tea and coffee

I founded JayandCo out of love for tea and coffee rather than because of any great desire for me to become a millionaire.

Like many, I enjoy drinking tea and coffee – A hot cup of something always seems right for any occasion! Whether it is my morning cup of fresh coffee to get me going for the day, a refreshing cup of green or herbal tea with friends in the afternoon, or soothing chamomile in the evening, I am always drinking tea and coffee.

The lightbulb moment that inspired me to found JayandCo was when I visited a coffee roastery. Like many, I have enjoyed thousands of cups of tea and coffee without ever really thinking about the tea leaves and coffee beans that go into making them. Everything at the roastery was mesmerising. Every stage that went into transforming the raw beans into a hot cup of coffee was incredible. Learning about the roasting methods, the different brewing techniques, even the packaging production, was an eye-opening experience. Basically, everything that went into producing freshly roasted coffee fascinated me – And this was before I’d even looked into tea!

Learning all about tea and coffee

I have always been a lover of coffee and tea, but I wanted to know more about my favourite beverages. Prior to JayandCo, I worked in retail for 30 years. This experience taught me that all customers, including me, only really want two things. Firstly, an excellent product. Secondly, brilliant customer service.

I have spent years researching our tea and coffee range, quality matters to me above all else. Simply put, if the quality is not the highest grade, I do not sell it. Only 100% arabica beans go into our single-origin and speciality coffee blends, which means we are able to trace every cup right back to the farm where it was grown.

Quality is also at the forefront when I research our teas. Did you know that all teas (other than fruit, berry and rooibos) start off as green leaves? These are then dried naturally in sunlight before being processed into the green or black teas that we all recognise.

At JayandCo we are proud to offer some of the finest high-grade teas on the planet, coming from locations as far afield as Indonesia, China, Japan, India and South Africa. Rest assured, every JayandCo tea is the result of painstaking effort, research and care. The dedication and passion of the farmers and growers that we work with can only be described as mind-blowing. As a result, I wholeheartedly believe that what we offer are the most delicious, aromatic and freshest teas available on the market today.

JayandCo want to hear from you!

I know that tea and coffee means a lot to JayandCo ‘s customers because they mean a lot to us too. Whether sharing with friends or enjoying alone, I am sure we will have something for you. If you would like to know more about our tea and coffees, by all means, please feel free to contact me. I would love to share my experience with you all.

ajay@jayandco.co.uk or Facebook – jayandcouk

I hope you and your loved ones enjoy a cuppa with us at JayandCo.


JayandCo Tea and Coffee Limited Founder - Ajay Mehta