It won’t surprise you to learn that we at JayandCo prefer freshly ground coffee to instant. We do not sell instant coffee at all. There are various reasons why we believe fresh is best, but ultimately it is due to the better-tasting coffee experience. Below are 3 reasons why fresh coffee is superior to anything you will find in the instant aisle:

1.     Fresh Coffee Uses Better Quality Beans

We may use 100% Arabica beans, but instant coffee tends to be made from lower-quality Robusta cherries. These are often grown at lower altitudes, prone to disease and have harsh, bitter flavour notes. Sound familiar? Instant coffee often stands no chance against the superior flavours of fresh simply because the quality of the beans is lacking.

2. Instant Coffee’s Flavour is Impacted by its Processing

Most of us have tried both fresh and instant coffee. Whilst it is true that there are varying qualities of instant coffee, the taste is poor when compared to a fresh brew.

Cup of coffee on saucer

A big reason for this is how instant coffee is processed. Industrial-scale batches are brewed into liquid and then either flash-frozen or dehydrated. This leaves coffee “crystals” behind, which are the brown granules found in a jar of instant.

When the coffee is processed this way, it is only natural that some of the flavoursome oils are taken away from the coffee, resulting in a poorer tasting product.

3. It Has a Different Target Market to Fresh Coffee

There is one category in which instant coffee beats fresh coffee hands down. Time.

All you need to make it is hot water from the kettle. There is no need for any high-end coffee making equipment. However, because of this, the target consumer for instant coffee, when compared to fresh, is very different.

Instant coffee is aimed at someone who needs a quick caffeine hit in a hurry and is willing to compromise on flavour. Fresh beans are targeted towards those who want to enjoy a good quality cup. As a result, each product carries different priorities. Instant favours readiness and speed, whereas fresh beans look to cater to the aficionado.


Whilst both types of product do ultimately result in coffee, the differences between instant and fresh are so distinct that they are barely comparable. Fresh coffee has a far superior flavour-profile due to its natural processing, bean quality and freshness.

Why not try some of ours today and see what you think?