Our mission at JayandCo is to unite tea and coffee connoisseurs with the best brews on the planet. We painstakingly research the finest teas and coffees and deliver them straight to your door. Never settle for an everyday cuppa again.

JayandCo – Our Story

JayandCo Tea and Coffee Limited was founded by Ajay Mehta. Like many, Ajay was inspired by what he found by travelling and exploring the world.

Firstly, whilst in Indonesia, he visited a coffee plantation and saw first-hand how coffee was produced. Secondly, when visiting India, he stayed with friends on a tea plantation and was given a crash course in tea production.

These experiences planted the seed of an idea into Ajay’s mind. His plan was to take all that he had learnt and use that knowledge to set up a premium tea and coffee business that prioritised quality above all else.

Finally in 2017, Ajay waved goodbye to his Senior Management role and founded JayandCo. He has not looked back since!

Ajay has always been passionate about tea and coffee but founding JayandCo took his expertise to a whole new level. His research took him all over the globe and led him to discover some of the world’s  finest teas and coffees. Many of these are proudly stocked and sold by JayandCo today.

Premium speciality Coffee

All of JayandCo’s coffee beans are always 100% Arabica beans. Each bag is grown on  estates where we can trace every bean back to its roots. This ensures that every cup of our coffee that you drink is of exceptionally high quality.

Our approach to sourcing the finest beans means that many of our speciality coffees are only available for a short period, due to the crop’s limited growth cycle. We update our store regularly with new, seasonal single-origin coffee. Check back to see what new varieties we have in store.

You won’t find our beans in big chain cups. This is coffee as it should be.

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Finest Teas

We offer a wide variety of traditional, herbal and fruit teas, many of which can be enjoyed both hot and cold. We work with farmers and suppliers all over the world to ensure that only the finest teas are brought to you.

All of our teas are sold either as loose-leaf or in tea bags so that you can brew your tea your way. Our shop has information on how to perfectly brew each tea to give you the best drinking experience.

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Hot Chocolate and CONFECTIONERY

As well as tea and coffee, we also offer several tempting sweet treats. Our delicious hot chocolate is a must for cold days. Our chocolate-coated coffee beans are a delicious alternative to your usual bar of chocolate. Be warned, once you start eating them it is hard to stop.

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If you have any questions about or products, or would just like to chat about tea and coffee, please get in touch with us