Why JayandCo?

JayandCo provides hand-picked premium quality coffee and tea to your door. JayandCo teas and coffees are available both as a one-off purchase or as a regular subscription. Say no to identikit blends and warehouse stored spices. Say yes to fresh tasting teas and coffees on your doorstep, from around the world, via London, to you.

 If you’re looking for high quality, ethically sourced tea or coffee at attractive prices, then you’ll love JayandCo.

If you like trying new teas and coffees from all the nooks and crannies of the world, then you’ll love JayandCo.

 If you love sharing great tasting coffee and tea with friends, family and loved ones, then you’ll love JayandCo.

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JayandCo’s finest teas are being checked for quality.

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JayandCo’s finest teas being hand


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Hand selected from around the world

We don’t sell anything unless it has been taste tested and approved by our founder Jay. Jay enjoys nothing more than researching the best hidden coffee plantations and tea growing valleys in the world. The best of what he finds ends up in our shops, as long as he doesn’t drink it all himself first.

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Premium Quality Coffee

All of our coffee is 100% Arabica. That means it’s grown at high altitude, undiluted by Robusta beans, harvested only in its prime. Arabica coffee is richer, lower in oil, deeper tasting and lower caffeine than Robusta beans. Our specialty is Single Origin, Single Estate coffees, unearthed in small plantations and brought to your doorstep. We also offer a small range of “limited edition” coffees. These have a short growing season and limited availability at different times of year. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

You won’t find our beans in big chain cups. This is coffee as it should be.

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Authentic Teas – Black, Green and Herbal

As with our coffees, all the teas are hand chosen. Our range includes traditional black teas, as well as green, herbal and fruit teas from around the world. Our range includes a mix of loose-leaf blends for infusing enthusiasts, and non-tear, artisan pyramid tea bags for those who value convenience without compromising on taste. See our shop for information on how to brew each tea to perfection to bring out its maximum flavour.

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We’re happy to tell you where our teas and coffees come from We know many of our customers like to know a bit about their favourite refreshment. That’s why we include information in each product description. Where it is grown. How it is processed. Factors which create the distinctive flavours you experience.

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Fairly Traded

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to know that the people who produce our great coffee and delicious teas are treated properly. We seek out the places where famers are given a fair price and a fair deal for their skill and labour.

About Jay

Hi, I’m Jay…

I’m a coffee lover and fan of refreshing teas.

For me, it’s all about quality, taste and community.

My mission is to help coffee lovers and tea fans enjoy the finest flavours from around the world – at an affordable price.

I spend endless hours researching and searching for premium quality products which deliver on taste, provenance and a fair deal for farmers.

If they do not meet the standard, they do not go in my online store.

I want to give people a proper coffee and authentic tea experience. I encourage you to explore, find your favourite(s) and try something new.

This is also about community.

Whether it’s in a café or coffee house, at home or at the office, having a brew or a cuppa means more than just a drink.

It’s time for you. It’s a moment to relax. It’s a shared conversation. It’s time with family, friends or work colleagues. It brings people together. It can be a talking point. It’s often a shared experience.

It’s that sense of community I want to build.

Get more people enjoying proper coffee and authentic teas. Get more people trying something new – and talking about it. Get more people sharing their experiences, tips and ideas around coffee and tea.

It’s one reason I set up a Facebook Community.

It’s a way for the coffee lover or tea fan to be part of something more than a consumer.

Somewhere for the enthusiast, the connoisseur, the traditionalist, the trendy, the cool, the calm, the collected, the opinionated, the worker and the homemaker to start a conversation.

I’m not an aficionado. I’m simply a coffee lover and fan of fine, refreshing teas. I know what I like (and what I don’t like). Maybe you’re the same.

My journey selling premium coffees and teas began when I left my corporate career in the retail sector and decided to run my own business.

A visit to a coffee roasting factory was the turning point. I was shown how the coffee came in. How different roasts were done. The packaging. The tasting. The whole works. It was fascinating. It was amazing. From that point, I was hooked.

I knew I wanted to be a coffee supplier. Little did I realise what an education I would have to go through.

Running a company was no problem at all. I had 30 years in retail behind me. Senior Management roles with some of the most successful international brands.

The learning curve was all about the products. It started with coffee, followed swiftly after by tea (as I also love this to drink, especially the fruit and herbal ones).

There was research. Finding a supplier. Selecting the right products. Packaging. Labelling. Regulations. Marketing. Networking. The lot. There were some pretty long days. And I made some mistakes along the way.

I’m a retailer by nature. A coffee lover by heart. (I also love tea – so I added it to the party).

I want to make it easy for people to enjoy their experience. To deliver the highest quality, great taste and fabulous flavours right to their door.

Whether you love coffee, love tea or love both – JayandCo is here to serve.

We are based in London, and deliver across the UK.

We welcome your feedback so we get more things right more often.

You can start your own journey with coffee here or with tea here.

Enjoy the experience.