Claiming the Emergency Services Discount

With the Government and NHS guidelines closing many public places, including coffee shops, we would like to offer a 20% discount for Emergency Service staff across our entire product range, be it our teas, coffees, hot chocolate or confectionery. This is a thank you for their amazing work during a time when they are needed by everyone, more than ever.

We are able to deliver our entire range of products directly to any UK mainland address, so place an order with us and we will bring a caffeine buzz or a calming cuppa straight to your door.

If you are work for the emergency services, simply use the discount code JCO-EMERGENCY20 when buying through our site. If you know someone who works for the NHS, please share this page with them!

We love our Emergency Services

Those who work for the NHS have always been heroes in our eyes, but during the outbreak of COVID-19, their heroics have gone further still. Firstly, existing staff are risking their own lives every day battling this ongoing threat. Secondly, 20,000 retired NHS staff have come out of retirement to help fight the coronavirus outbreak on the frontline. There are no words to describe this amazing effort.

This impact on the NHS has had a knock-on effect on other emergency services. The Police and Fire Brigade are taking on different responsibilities as the nation adapts to living in self-isolation. This is a huge group effort and should be applauded by everyone.

Support our Emergency Services

We know that offering a discount to emergency service staff is only a small thing. The most important thing we can all do as a community is to follow the NHS guidelines to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. By doing this we will save lives and reduce the burden on the NHS and other emergency services. I am sure many of you have seen the guidelines already, but we believe it is important that everyone spreads the word. If you need to read them or simply would like to refresh your memory, click here.

By following these guidelines, we can support our emergency services and eventually defeat the coronavirus.

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Save Lives