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Our Berry Compote Tea is a wonderfully sweet tea bursting with fruit flavours. The natural sweetness of strawberries and blackberries means there is no need to add extra sugar, even if you have a sweet tooth. The tang of the rhubarb lifts these flavours to a whole new dimension, with a taste reminiscent of fruit crumble.

This infusion is naturally caffeine-free and full of fruits that are packed with antioxidants. This is a perfect brew to satisfy a craving for something sweet in a healthy way.

Like all of our teas, our Berry Compote Tea is available to buy as both a subscription and as a one-off purchase.

Origin: Europe
Flavour: Sweet berries and rhubarb
Ingredients: Blackberries, strawberries and rhubarb
Weight: 100g loose (or 15 pyramid bags @4g per bag)


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10-12 minutes brewing time

100° C water temperature

4-5 heaped tsp./1 litre or 1 tea bag /cup

Jay says

“What can I say… have you heard of summer fruit punch, or a lively winter hot drink? Either way, this is so soothing and refreshing. The combination of carefully chosen fruits to give an all-important refrshing taste.”

About Berry Compote Tea

The flavours in this infusion are reminiscent of the English countryside, with the sweetness of wild berries and sharp rhubarb combining to make a delicious drink. Like all of our teas and infusions, our Berry Compote Tea is packed for of healthy ingredients. Strawberries are en excellent source of VItamin C and K, blackberries are full of antioxidant potential and rhubarb is high in fibre.