Black Tea with Mango and Passion Subscription


This irresistible blend, which combines black tea leaves, mango, passionfruit and papaya has flavours that are reminiscent of a holiday to the South Pacific.

Using only the finest black tea leaves and delicious real fruit, our Black Tea with Mango and Passion is delicious hot or chilled and is guaranteed to bring some sunshine to your life!

As well as being available as a subscription, you can also buy our Black Tea with Mango and Passion as an individual purchase.

Origin: India
Flavour: Tropical fruits
Ingredients: Mango, passionfruit and papaya
Weight: 100g loose (or 15 Pyramid bags @ 3g per pyramid bag)


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3-5 minutes brewing time

100° C water temperature

4-5 heaped tsp./1 litre or 1 tea bag /cup

Jay says

“The rich, fruity flavour of this tea is perfect all year round but is particularly enjoyable on a summers day or when you feel the need to chase away the blues. It’s juicy and ripe with the mango, pineapple and papaya flavours.

I’ve tried this iced and hot with a touch of sweetener and splash of half & half. It’s wonderful either way. This will definitely be a winner and is a fun alternative to offer friends and family around, or just when relaxing on a Sunday brunch. Kids love it too!"

About Black Tea with Mango and Passion

When developing this tea, we wanted to be able to offer something that brought forward the flavours of a holiday. With this in mind, we looked to the flavours associated with beach holidays and tropical islands. From there, it was pretty straight-forward. Mango, papaya and passionfruit work wonderfully well together, and this tea reminds us of drinking a holiday punch without any of the next day side-effects.

This tea is delicious both hot and cold and could even replace your usual morning brew, as there are still enough black tea leaves mixed in with this blend to help you get going in the morning.