Brazil – Light Roast Coffee Subscription


Grown at a lower altitude than most Arabicas, our Brazil Coffee is classically more muted in flavour. It delivers much lower acidity and greater notes of praline and nuttiness than coffee grown in other regions. This is a lovely all-rounder that is delicious at any time of day. You can find out more about its origins below.

This coffee is also available to purchase individually.

Origin: Brazil
Flavour: Praline, caramel. Sweet, smooth, creamy with a mellow flavour
Strength: 2 – Mild Roast
Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee beans
Weight: 250g

Select Medium Grind for Cafetiere / Filter Coffee or Fine Grind for Espresso.


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100% Arabica / Natural process / Freshly Roasted / Premium Quality

Jay says

“Brazil Santos is a mild strength coffee which gives a sweet, smooth and subtle taste with little acidity. An extremely pleasant coffee suitable for any time of day."

The Origins of our Brazil Coffee

The coffee cherries that are used for this variety are grown in the Minas Gerais region, which is known for producing consistently high-quality coffee.

This 100% Arabica is grown on a group of carefully chosen smallholder farms between 900m and 1,100m above sea level. Because it is grown at a lower altitude when compared to other Arabica beans, this coffee has a more subtle flavour with lower acidity than other varieties.