Colombia – Medium Roast Coffee Subscription


This coffee is big on fruity, floral flavours. Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans, this coffee is delicious however you decide to brew it. You can read more about its origins below.

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Origin: Colombia
Flavour: Cape gooseberries, caramel and cocoa.
Strength: 3 – Medium Roast
Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee beans
Weight: 250g

Select Medium Grind for Cafetiere / Filter Coffee or Fine Grind for Espresso.


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100% Arabica / Natural process / Freshly Roasted / Premium Quality

Jay says

“This medium roastspeciality coffee from Colombia is one of my favourites. It goes so well with a dessert. Just perfect with the sweetness of the sticky toffee pudding & vanilla ice cream. Simply amazing.”

About our Colombian Coffee

This charming coffee is grown by a co-operative of indigenous reserves (CENCOIC) in the Cauca region of Columbia. Twelve families from the Manantial Association work together in the mountains at around 1,700m to 1,850m to produce the beans. This coffee having a sweet, fruity finish is no coincidence. The crop is grown amongst panela, a type of sugar, as well as plantains, pineapples, yucca and lemons.

This coffee has a lot of heart and would go into making it. Try it now, you will not be disappointed!