Kenya – Dark Roast Coffee


Grown at high altitudes, our Kenya Coffee delivers big upfront flavour and a long-lasting finish. This 100% Arabica bean produces a bright and tangy acidity, with fruity notes that are reminiscent of rhubarb, blackcurrant and Jaffa Cake!

Like all of our coffee, this one is available as a subscription as well as individually.

Origin: Kenya
Flavour: Jaffa Cake, rhubarb, blackcurrant, milk chocolate. Quietly rich, savoury-sweet. vanilla, dark chocolate.
Strength: 4 – Dark roast
Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee beans
Weight: 250g

Select Medium Grind for Cafetiere / Filter Coffee or Fine Grind for Espresso.


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100% Arabica / Natural process / Freshly Roasted / Premium Quality

Jay says

“You will find this top-grade coffee to be suited to most occasions. It’s a dark roast with a smooth, sweet yet dark chocolaty after taste. I particularly recommend this for an afternoon perk, during a business meeting or after dinner.”

The Origins of Our Kenya Coffee

Grown at around 1,700m-1,800m above sea level, this coffee is only possible due to a random act of nature.

To explain, most coffee cherries grow with two beans inside. Due to a genetic mutation (caused by the climate in this region) around five to ten percent of cherries in this area form with just one oval or circular shaped bean. The two seeds of a berry fuse into one. These berries are known as "peaberries" and are considered to be more flavourful than regular beans by many.

These smaller peaberries beans are sorted by size and weight in a farm’s processing plant. The percentage of peaberry mutation is down to the levels of rainfall and heat – the higher the heat, and lower the rainfall, the more peaberries you get. They are then used to make delicious coffee, including our own!