Strength factor: 3 (MEDIUM ROAST)
Flavour Notes: Cocoa, tropical fruit.

A speciality coffee with great pedigree.

This is everything you would expect a Papua New Guinea to be – very gentle but with subtle notes coming through.

Here we have a cup with very mellow acidity, a light body and big floral aroma. This is a very clean taste, with gorgeous tints of cocoa and tropical fruit.

Select Medium Grind for Cafetiere / Filter Coffee or Fine Grind for Espresso.

Check out this coffee’s origin below.


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100% Arabica / Natural process / Fairly traded / Freshly Roasted / Premium Quality

Jay says

“The ideal choice for work or throughout the day. Medium roast, it provides the right balance through the hours. The taste is somewhat floral, sweet, apple wine, clean, full-bodied…. I have this coffee daily in my office for my staff it’s a firm favourite.”


The coffee is grown by the Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-Operative between 1,300m and 1,750m above sea level in the Purosa region. The quality is consistent and rising. This is definitely one to watch out for. Simply choose your grind type, add to basket for a fine freshly roasted coffee direct to your door…