Earl Grey Tea


Earl Grey is an all-time classic tea and one of the most popular in the UK today. Flavoured with bergamot, this classic brew has citrusy notes that distinguish it from other popular teas, such as English Breakfast.

Usually taken black or with a slice of lemon, this tea is traditionally drunk in the afternoons, although we believe it tastes great at any time of day.

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Origin: Ceylon, Chinese
Flavour:  Bergamot, citrus
Ingredients: Black tea, natural bergamot flavour with other natural flavourings
Weight: 100g loose (or 15 pyramid bags @ 3g Per bag)


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3-5 minutes brewing time

100° C water temperature

4-5 heaped tsp./1 litre or 1 tea bag /cup

Jay says

“Most people say that Earl Grey tea is always drunk in the afternoon… and, as a tea lover, I can tell you that they are so right. It really perks me up. I love anything natural, with this tea in particular, I love the natural flavouring of Bergamot oils which really enhance the flavour of the tea.”

About Earl Grey tea

Early Grey tea is one of the most well-known teas in the world and a favourite with the British. Named after Charles Earl Grey, who was British Prime Minister between 1830-34, this tea has been popular in the UK ever since it was introduced.

This brew combines a black tea with the flavour of bergamot, which gives it its distinctive, citrusy tastes. If you are unfamiliar, bergamot is a citrus fruit which is said to be something of a combination of a lemon and a bitter orange. It is the natural flavourings taken from the bergamot that help elevate the black tea leaves into something simply delicious.