Full English Breakfast Tea


It doesn’t get more classic than our Full English Breakfast Tea!

This is our delicious take on the traditional English Breakfast Tea – Arguably the world’s most famous tea blend and certainly the UK’s favourite.

Made from a blend of teas from Assam and Sumatra, this is a marvellously dark infusion with a malty spiciness. It is best served with a splash of milk or cream.

This tea is one you definitely won’t want to run out of. Check out our subscription page to make you are always stocked up.

Origin: Assam, Sumatra
Flavour: Malty
Ingredients: Black tea leaves
Weight: 100g loose (or 15 bags @ 3g per pyramid bag)


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3-5 minutes brewing time

100° C water temperature

4-5 heaped tsp./1 litre or 1 tea bag /cup

Jay says

“This is my go-to tea and a true classic. Brew it strong add a dash of milk and enjoy its beautiful aroma and complex flavour. Definitely a tea that will wake you up and get you ready for the day!”

About Full English Breakfast Tea

A traditional blend of teas, English Breakfast usually contains tea leaves from Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya. This particular blend is wildly popular in the UK and is what most Brits mean when they ask for "a cup of tea".

English Breakfast Tea has been the tea of choice in Britain since the early 17th Century. Initially, tea could only be afforded by the rich, but as imports increased, so did the number of people who drank tea. In the 20th century, the invention of the humble teabag meant that teas and infusions became accessible to all, as there was no need for tea strainers and teapots - As long as you had a cup, you could have tea!.

A true classic, no teashop would be complete without their own version of English Breakfast tea. Our Full English Breakfast Tea is made from a blend of black tea leaves from Assam and Sumatra. Best served with milk, this brew is best enjoyed whenever you fancy a cuppa!