Jasmine Green Tea Subscription


Our Jasmine Green Tea is a timeless classic that has been drunk in China for centuries.

Fresh jasmine blossoms are added to the green tea during the drying process to impart a floral taste and aroma. Some of the blossoms are later removed, ensuring that the flavour of green tea is not overwhelmed. What you are left with is a tea in which the taste and fragrance of the tea and jasmine blossoms co-exist in perfect harmony.

As well as being sold as a subscription, our Jasmine Green Tea is also available to purchase individually.

Origin: China
Flavour: Sweet, fresh, floral
Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine blossoms
Weight: 100g loose (or 15 Pyramid bags @ 3g per pyramid bag)


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1-3 minutes brewing time

75° – 80° C water temperature

4-5 heaped tsp./1 litre or 1 tea bag /cup

Jay says

“I first fell in love with jasmine flowers many years ago whilst in a restaurant in Bangkok. Since then I have been hooked on Jasmine Green tea. Feel good about what you’re sipping and enjoy this exquisite blend. ”

About Jasmine Green Tea

Originating from China, jasmine flowers have been used in tea for over 1000 years, with the process first appearing during the South-Song Dynasty. By the early 20th Century, jasmine flowers became sought-after by traders, both for their flavour and for the rumoured health benefits.

Our Jasmine Green Tea is exactly what its name suggests- Jasmine blossoms, green tea and nothing else. As it contains tea-leaves this tea does contain caffeine, which makes it perfect in the morning or when you need a little more energy. The floral aroma gives this blend a unique profile when compared to others. Try it today and see why it has been enjoyed for so long!