Orange Sencha Tea with Passion Subscription


Our Orange Sencha Tea with Passion is a blend that will make you feel great. The zing of lemongrass, sweet blend of fruit and freshness of sencha green tea all combine to make this palate-pleasing brew.

This is another of our teas that can be drunk both hot and cold. We love it hot first thing in the morning and over ice whilst spending a lazy afternoon outside in the sun!

If you are unsure about purchasing this tea as a subscription (although trust us, you will want more!) you can also buy it individually from our online shop.

Origin: Japan, India
Flavour: Citrus, apple, summer fruit
Ingredients: Green tea (60%), lemongrass, apple pieces, freeze-dried apple pieces, orange slices, papaya flakes, flavouring. 
Weight: 100g loose – Not available as teabags


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2-3 minutes brewing time

75° – 80° C water temperature

4-5 heaped tsp./1 litre or 1 tea bag /cup

Jay says

“And here we've picked yet another fruity tea to love! This is auch a delicious blend of passionfruit and mango. Both flavours really come through. An afternoon tropical delight that I enjoy both hot and iced.”

About Orange Sencha Tea with Passion

This is a drink which reminds you of those warm, bright, sunny days – and can lift the spirits however grey the skies.

What we have here are shining orange papaya flakes enhanced by the soft green of the high-grade Sencha tea. Blended with apple pieces, orange slices and mango flakes makes for a fun, fruity flavour.