Turmeric and Mace Tea


Our turmeric and mace tea packs a flavourful punch combining spicy notes reminiscent of nutmeg, that then make way for sweet, earthy undertones.

Turmeric is grown all over Asia, with mace being more specifically grown in Indonesia. The flavours of nutmeg are not a coincidence, as both spices come from the evergreen tree myristica fragrans.

Turmeric tea has been growing in popularity for a number of years, but when combined with mace, as well as being delicious it provides amazing health benefits, with the combination of mace and turmeric being rich in vitamins A, B-6, C and E

Origin: India
Flavour: Aromatic flavour, mildly spicy
Ingredients: Ginger bits, liquorice roots, cinnamon pieces, lemongrass, whole cardamom, turmeric slices, mace
Weight:  100g


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5-10 minutes brewing time

100° C water temperature

4-5 heaped tsp./1 litre