VATA HERBAL TEA (Subscription)

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An intriguing and calming blend for when you just want to ease that stress.

It’s refreshing. It oozes that vitalising energy. It’s everything you could want from a genuine herbal tea.

Origin: Ingredients from India and China.
Flavour: cinnamon pieces, liquorice root, ginger pieces, fennel, orange peel, cardamom (whole).
*Contains liquorice root – in case of high blood pressure, excessive consumption of this product should be avoided.. 

Weight:  Only available in 100g Loose Tea

£4.99 / month

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5-10 minutes brewing time

100° C water temperature

3-4 heaped tblsp./1 litre or 1 tea bag /cup

Jay says

“My family and I are hooked on this beautifully blended tea. I discovered the amazing ingredients whilst I was on holiday in the Himalayas in the small villages where they created their own blends of tea to keep healthy. They called it the Ayurvedic Tea. This tea tastes refreshingly wonderful. Made with few organic Ayurvedic spices. It is said that the organic Ayurvedic spices in this tea helps to balance the air element in our body. A caffeine-free tea. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think. ”


Very much a creation in tune with Ayurvedic medicine, one of the world’s oldest holistic (“whole body”) healing systems. It has been largely practised in the Indian Subcontinent for thousands of years. The belief behind it is that health and wellness depend on a fine balance between mind, body and spirit. The Sanskrit translation broadly means “wisdom of life”, or “science of life”. This tea contains turmeric and mace, both with a long history as part of the age-old practice of Ayurveda. A calming combination which creates a delicious blend. Enjoy the flavours of ginger, orange and sweet liquorice. Look out for those hints of cinnamon and fennel. Nourish your mind and body with every sip.Health note: This tea contains liquorice root – in case of high blood pressure, avoid excessive consumption.